July 2, 2020


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Top Sushi and Oyster-Henderson-AYCE Sushi (12)

Top Sushi & Oyster – Not bad for an All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurant

Top Sushi and Oyster-Henderson-AYCE Sushi (12)

As someone who used to own a Sushi Restaurant before, I know that Sushi is one of the hardest foods to be in the business of. Yes all restaurants are a lot of work, but sushi is particularly difficult.

I actually do not eat Sushi as much as I used to anymore. After seeing everything that is involved with sushi, I prefer high end sushi places. But of course that gets really pricey. In turn, I have a lot of respect for AYCE (All You Can Eat) Sushi places that serve good fish. I was super excited to see Top Sushi and Oysters open right in my neighborhood.

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As soon as I walked in, I liked the general vibe of the restaurant. The interior was simple but nice. A lot roomier and cleaner on the inside than it looks from the outside. We were greeted right away and our server Trevor kindly walked us through the different options they had. We were not going to drink, so we went with Menu B for $21 a person. Of course Menu B does not include Uni or Oysters, but I didn’t really think it would be that good at an AYCE restaurant anyway so we were fine.

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Once our first round of sushi came out, I was already impressed by the Yellowtail. The Salmon and Tuna were pretty good too. The server brought us 2 pieces of Toro on the house but I wish they never did. Toro is basically the fatty belly part of a Tuna, which normally tastes really really good. *Fatty Yellowtail is really good too, but hard to find. The 2 pcs of Toro that they brought us tasted old and tough. I’m not really going to give them negative points for that since it wasn’t something that I ordered, and probably never will at an AYCE restaurant.

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It seemed like the Yellowtail was super fresh that day, so I kept reordering Yellowtail. The rolls were not bad. The rice felt slightly old, but was decent. Another thing I liked about this place was the fact that you can order half rolls. Thats a plus, especially if you like to taste different types of rolls before getting full off of 1 or 2.

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I am really happy that a nice decent AYCE Sushi restaurant opened in Henderson near my house. We normally go to Sushi Neko for AYCE sushi, however it is not that close to our house. How does Top Sushi compare to Sushi Neko? Honestly I think Sushi Neko tastes a little better. I will know for sure after trying Top Sushi one more time. However the service, location, and price is definitely better at Top Sushi. Would I recommend Top Sushi to people? Yes, Definitely!

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Im not sure when this will end, but take advantage of their free soda offer by checking in to yelp, or writing a review.

Top Sushi is located at

4500 E Sunset Rd #36

Henderson, NV 89014