July 1, 2020


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Top Golf-Las Vegas-Topgolf (19)

Top Golf – First Experience – Las Vegas

Top Golf-Las Vegas-Topgolf (19)

I’ve been wanting to come to Top Golf for a while now, however never really found the right time. This Thanksgiving holiday, our friends were here from California and we spontaneously decided to try it out.

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Personally, I never thought this place would be this packed or this awesome! As soon as I walked in, I knew I would love this place. They made this place really “Chill”. The place really welcomes golfers and non-golfers alike!

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With the amount of people here this weekend, we had to wait an hour to and hour and a half to even get a bay. It wasn’t a big problem though, we got a table by the bar and had some drinks for the time being. Before I go on let me warn you, it is a little pricey here. I will get into detail about golf pricing in a bit, but for now we got 3 coffees ( 1 regular and 2 spiked) and it came out to about $40.

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Now for the Golf part. It costed $68 an hour for the bay. I think as you go higher up it gets a little cheaper, however the first floor was the only thing available. On top of that, each person has to pay a $5 membership fee. With that being said, Top Golf is super awesome!

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A rep comes to your bay and helps you get started. They explain the rules and pricing to you and also get you anything else you may need to have a good time. They have some clubs that you can use at each bay, however they are not the BEST clubs. Don’t expect to get a full practice session in here. Personally I practice a lot with my 6 iron and 8 iron, however there are none here.


There are different types of programs and games you can choose. We decided to go with the standard 20 per person. You get points for each ball you hit in the target, and of course different targets give different point amounts.

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Ok, here is the best part about this place. As soon as you hit, the monitor shows you EXACTLY where your ball went. Even the bounces and everything. This feature alone makes it worth coming here. Each time someone hits the ball, you and your party can view the ball movement.

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So for my conclusion of this place, this place is one of the funnest places I have been to in years! It is not ideal as a practice range. Especially when you can go down the street and get a bucket of balls for $6. To come every once in a while with guests or with friends on the weekend? One of the best places in Las Vegas! They have food and drinks all through out the venue, sports playing on large monitors everywhere, small bays for small groups, large bays for large parties, and golf! Altogether everything came out to about $140 for our visit here. Super pricey for a golf range, but at the same time, not that pricey for a party of 4 to enjoy golf, drinks, and a good time! Top Golf gets 5 stars in my book!