July 1, 2020


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sky castle

Sky Castle

sky castle

Sky Castle is probably one of the best Korean Dramas I have seen in a while. Sky Castle is a K Drama about 4 families, who live in a luxurious residence, and the crazy lives that they live in order be the most successful people around. Each family and their kids have a different mindset, and different character that the actors play so well.

One of the key points about this drama aside from “Money isn’t everything”, and / or Success, is how messed up the Korean education system is. There have been other Korean movies and dramas in the past that may have touched on this subject, but Sky Castle really shows you the detail of how messed up the Korean system is, and the consequences that can follow. Sky Castle even shows how one of the families hires a “Coordinator” for hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to get their daughter into Seoul University. From betrayal to murders, to just even how different these rich people live, Sky Castle will definitely keep you glued to the TV screen.

Each character plays their role so well, and with so much passion, you start to relate to them and see their point of view. Of course some more than others. Even little quotes and gestures throughout the series show how much the writer and producer put their thoughts into Sky Castle.

sky castle pyramid

One of the characters actually has a Pyramid figure in their house. He is always pressuring his children to be “On top of the Pyramid”. It’s funny how when the neighbor’s kid, who’s household happens to be a little more laid back, actually says that King’s were actually buried in the center of the pyramid and not on top. The center of the pyramid is where it is most comfortable. I totally agree.