July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind

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SC Prime Steak House – Summerlin – Suncoast

Some of you may know, we donate a small portion of our earnings from our websites to different charities and organizations. This month, some of our donations went to the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation. At this years 5k Event, they had a raffle, and we got picked for the Dinner for 2 ($150 Voucher) to the famous SC Prime Steak House & Bar.

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Once you walk in the main entrance of the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, you will see an elevator on the right side that will take you up to the SC Prime Steakhouse & Bar. I knew I would love this place as soon as the elevator doors opened. Nice quiet restaurant, with a nice bar in the corner playing all the sports events. Very Italian mafia like setting.

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We were greeted right away, and staff was super friendly. Our server was also super friendly, and attended to our needs perfectly. We started our dinner with Oysters. I must say, one of the best oysters I’ve had anywhere. Better than most oysters I’ve tried at much more expensive restaurants. Probably only second to the baby oysters at Michael Mina.

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The bread that was served to us, and the oysters as appetizers couldn’t have been any better. Almost to the point that we forgot about the Steaks that we ordered and just wanted to continue with more bread and oysters. There are a lot of window seats available. It was still bright outside when we went, however I can tell the distant view of the Las Vegas strip would be pretty nice at night.

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Ok, our Steaks came out now, and here is where things weren’t as expected. I’m sorry to say, but the meat was decent, at best. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t taste bad, however it wasn’t as good as what the restaurant name, environment, and price represent.

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We had a flat iron Wagyu, and a Filet Mignon. When the food arrived, there was such a strong cheese smell, it ruined some of our appetite. We ended up eating only half of our steaks. The Filet was definitely not high quality, yet tasted better than the Wagyu, which makes no sense.

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I really don’t know if the chef was just having a bad day, or if the steaks are just lower quality than what we had expected. Again, the steaks didn’t taste bad, but not as good as expected. I definitely want to come back here again to try their food one more time to see if it was just today. I especially want to come here again because the environment is awesome, service is awesome, appetizers were awesome, even the fries and asparagus were awesome, just the steaks……like I said, will definitely come here again soon, hoping that it was just today, because I can see myself coming here regularly =)

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On a side note, not only was this our first time at SC Prime, it was our first time at Suncoast Hotel and Casino. I may come stay here over the weekend soon. I like the environment a lot, and there were some other food places that I wanted to try inside here. Especially Du-Pars. We love the Du-Pars in Los Angeles, I hope it’s the same quality here too!

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