July 2, 2020


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jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (11)

Quick easy way to make Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)

I saw this on TV the other day and had to try it right away. When I am in LA, there is a Chinese Restaurant on every corner or I can have Jjajangmyeon delivered to me so it is not a big concern. However when I am in Las Vegas, there really isn’t too much of a choice. I found 1 decent place out here, however it is like 20-30 minutes from my house, and it’s been kind of hit or miss over there.

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (11)

You can always buy the instant noodle version of Jjajangmyeon, and yes they taste good too, however it is not exactly the same as a regular bowl of nice Jjajangmyeon. Especially since the instant ones don’t have that much meat. So when Korean-Taiwanese chef Lee Yeon-bok showed this easy recipe on TV, I had to try right away. To top it off, it is a super easy quick recipe!

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (1)

To start off, you need to chop a handful of pork, and about 2 onions. Then you start by frying your pork in some olive oil until the pork is fully cooked and lightly brown.

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (3)

Once your pork is fully cooked, you can add your onions in there. Fry for a few minutes together.

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (5)

While you are doing this you should start cooking 2 of your noodles from your instant Jjajangmyeon (Doesn’t really matter which brand you use) .

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (8)

At this point your pork and onions should be cooked pretty well. Here you will add 3 of your soup bases to your onions and pork. Although you are cooking 2 noodles, you need to add 3 soup bases to make up for the extra onions and pork you are adding to your meal.

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (4)

Once you add your soup bases to your onions and pork, it may seem like it’s a little dry. As recommended on TV, I added a few spoons of boiling water from my noodles to my sauce.

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (6)

Stir for a few minutes and voila! Now you have a hearty Jjajangmyeon sauce that you can add to your noodles so that you can enjoy a half instant half cooked Jjajangmyeon! So again, as you can see, basically all you did was add onions and pork to your instant Jjajangmyeon to make it taste like a restaurant cooked meal!

jjajangmyeon - recipe - chinese food (10)

Here is a recap below

Things you need

-3 packs of instant Jjajangmyeon ( 2 noodles and 3 soup bases will be used)

-2 onions

-1 handful of pork

-Olive oil

Thats it!