Quick, Easy, BBQ Chicken Recipe

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I was craving chicken today, but not a seasoned whole chicken, chicken breast, or KFC.  I was craving a taste that I haven’t had in a while.  That craving was for some good old barbecue chicken.  So I went to the market, bought some drumsticks and bbq sauce, and started on it.  This is actually really easy to make, and tastes good too.

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I started off by putting some barbecue sauce on the drumsticks, and I let it sit in the fridge for about an hour.

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Once my drumsticks were marinated, I cooked the outside of my chicken for a little less than 10 minutes on my cast iron skillet.  Even at low heat, cast iron needs to be watched carefully.  Don’t burn your drumsticks.

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Once the outsides were slightly charred, I put them in a 400 degree preheated oven for about 35 minutes.  When cooking chicken, make sure you check the inside temperature no matter how it looks on the outside.  I re-applied barbecue sauce twice during the 35 minutes.  Any barbecue sauce of your choice will do, but I went with Famous Dave’s original barbecue sauce.

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I served my chicken with some avocados, and another successful meal was done.  Although I used to run a restaurant, and was able to learn how to make rolls and cut fish pretty quickly, I don’t consider myself a good cook.  Most of my life I ate out, so I never really needed to cook.  Now that I’m trying to cook more and more, I learned the hard way that chicken is not that easy to cook.  I had some disasters before when grilling marinated chicken, or even in a conventional oven.  However this method, cooking the outsides on a cast iron grill, and letting the rest cook in a conventional oven is really hard to fail at.  So whether you are a master chef, or just starting to try different methods and recipes like myself, this is a really good way to cook chicken.  You can also put your cast iron skillet in your oven with the chicken inside which comes out really good too.  I chose not to, because cast iron retains a lot of the tastes from what you cook on it.  I use my cast iron skillet mainly for beef, and I didn’t want my beef to taste like bbq chicken too much the next time I use it.  =)  D.I

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