July 2, 2020


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Parks BBQ (10)

Parks Barbeque – The Best Korean BBQ in the World!

Parks BBQ (8)

Ok, you will hear me talk about Park’s BBQ a lot. And there is a good reason for it. They simply have the best meat. I have been coming here for more than 10 years. Of course that means I have been trying other places too. However, the taste and quality is just far above any other restaurants. Even higher end fine dining restaurants!

Parks BBQ (10)

To eat here during dinner, you will need to make a reservation. Even during tough times, when other restaurants are not as busy, Park’s seem to be busy every time I go during dinner, so I highly recommend making a reservation. Lunch on the other hand is not too bad. I have never had to wait for lunch.

Parks BBQ (2)

Like most places in Koreatown these days, Valet parking is required to dine here at Park’s. The Valet guys here are used to driving nice cars, so don’t worry about leaving your car with them. Their lot is big enough to hold almost all the customers cars where visible. I am not a big fan of restaurants where they valet your car for you, and park your vehicle on the street where it can get dinged. Park’s however is one of the few venues in K-Town that I NEVER had an issue with when it comes to Valet.

Parks BBQ (3)

The interior is not super fancy, nor is it ghetto and packed either. The tables are nicely spaced so that you can sit comfortably and have some privacy too. There is an upstairs dining area also. The staff here is well trained, even down to the direction of which to cut your meat for maximum taste and tenderness.

Parks BBQ (6)

The sides, or Banchan, that come with your meal are very fresh and delicious. The soups and other sides that you can order with your meat are also very well prepared and tasty.

Parks BBQ (14)

Ok, so why would anyone ever go anywhere else for Korean BBQ aside from Park’s? That is correct, the price. A lot of people who ask me for Korean BBQ Restaurant recommendations, were referred here. Most of them gave me the same verdict. The food was awesome! But the bill is way too high compared to other places. Do I disagree? Of course not. I totally agree. Park’s is definitely not a place where you can eat daily, or even multiple times. But that is the same with any nice restaurant. The Non-Marinated Prime Beef Short Rib that you seen in my pictures above is $64 a serving. There are restaurants out there that you can feed a whole family of 4 for the price of 1 serving. So yes, the price is definitely not cheap here. Do I think the food is worth the money? YES! As I mentioned in my opening, you will not find another Korean BBQ restaurant with this quality of meat.

Parks BBQ (12)

Another thing I really recommend here is the “Chili Paste Stew”. A spicy soup that is filled with vegetables and brisket, it will accompany your meat and your soju perfectly. One order of this can be split among the people at your table of 4 or so. Tastes really good with just the white rice too!

Parks BBQ (13)

Another cool thing about this place is how much the owner here loves the celebrities who not only come here to eat, but also she is close with. The wall is filled with pictures of celebrities and the owner .

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