July 2, 2020


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Otoro Robata Grill and Sushi-mirage-las vegas (38)

Otoro Robata Grill and Sushi – Mirage Las Vegas

Otoro Robata Grill and Sushi-mirage-las vegas (40)

One of the perks of living is Las Vegas and Los Angeles is the all the great food and restaurants. Surprisingly this was our first time trying Otoro, which is located inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Not too long ago I did a post on some All You Can Eat Sushi places. As good as all you can eat Sushi is, I like to eat higher end sushi too.

This time around, we were going back and forth between Yellowtail, Nobu, and Otoro. We know Nobu is good, but pricey too. Yellowtail we like too, however since we haven’t been to Otoro yet we went here.

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Although we came for Sushi, we started off with “The Rock”. This appetizer seemed to be really popular here, and looked really good too. They bring you actual rock that is heated up to 500 degrees, along with a small plate of marinated uncooked meat. You put a thin slice of meat your self on top of this 500 degree rock, about 3 seconds on each side, and you eat. If you have never tried this before I recommend you try it. Personally for me, 1 piece was good enough for me. The marinade was really strong, and honestly think it would have been a lot better with less flavoring.

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Ok, here is where the difference comes in to play. The quality of the fish was Superb! I don’t know any better way of putting it. It’s been a long while since I had sushi of this quality. I honestly thought my plate was a little more expensive than it should be, but once I saw the quality of the Tuna and got a taste of the Hamachi, that thought disappeared right away. Even the rolls were too good to eat right away!

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The scallops were probably the BEST scallops that I have tasted. I know that you grill and broil scallops to get the perfect cooked outside and soft inside, but these were on another level of perfection!

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This may sound a little funny, but even the shrimp tempura was cooked really well. Perfect amount of seasoning, and perfectly cooked so that its crispy and chewy, not burned and not rough.

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Now here is where I was slightly disappointed. Up to now, the food was so good, and we had some Sake left, some we decided to order a Rainbow Roll. For those of you who don’t know this, restaurants used their best fish for Sushi and Sashimi, and then the lesser quality fish will go on your rolls. Knowing this, I didn’t expect the same cuts of fish on my rainbow roll, however the difference was way too much. The fish on my rainbow roll were old and discolored. Like I said before, I didn’t expect top quality fish on my roll, but when you are charging twice the amount as other sushi restaurants for a roll, you would expect a little more quality than this.

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I definitely will come back here again (Although I probably won’t order any rolls). For those of you who haven’t been to the Mirage lately, it is just beautiful inside. As soon as you walk in you will see the waterfalls and plants. Right next to it is a steak house, and then Otoro.

Otoro Robata Grill and Sushi-mirage-las vegas (39)

There is a large lounge area on the right side where you will see people enjoying drinks and small bites, and then there is an even larger dining area on the left side where it is a little quieter and dimmer.

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As I said earlier, If you haven’t visited the Mirage in awhile, you should give it a try. A lot has changed over the years, and is beautiful. The Volcano show is awesome too. Otoro is really good for top notch Sashimi. I don’t know if it was just because we went on a busy day, or if they were low on fish, but the quality of my Roll was not that great. Other than that, the service was good, the interior was nice, and the other dishes were just perfect!