July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind

NHRA 2019-Las Vegas-Speedway-Dodge-Mopar-Ford (7)

NHRA 2019 – Las Vegas Speed Way

Today I got to experience NHRA for the first time! What an experience! I’ve seen imports doing low 10’s, and what not, but these monsters were doing 5- 10 second quarter mile runs! Pro Stock, Nitro, definitely something to experience!

NHRA 2019-Las Vegas-Speedway-Dodge-Mopar-Ford (16)

I cannot stress this enough. Please take ear plugs with you. We actually took earplugs and ear muffs because a friend told us so many times. And boy were we glad we listened. These cars scream at 170db+. For those of you who don’t know how load that is, I saw a TV show not too long ago where they were measuring the decibals at a concert with everyone screaming. That was slightly over 120 decibals. So now you can imagine what 170 decibals sounds like. Remember, you can fix a lot of parts of your body, but you can’t fix your ear drums!

As you can see in the clip above, these cars are doing 9 second, 10 second runs at close to 150 MPH. The clip doesn’t even show the cars that are twice as powerful!

NHRA 2019-Las Vegas-Speedway-Dodge-Mopar-Ford (8)

We went with General Admission tickets. Turns out there are reserved seats and also a suite available too. Try not to sit too close to the starting line. Not only can it be a little dangerous if there is an accident or if a tire was to fly off a vehicle, you will get rubber all over your clothes.

NHRA 2019-Las Vegas-Speedway-Dodge-Mopar-Ford (15)

Don’t let what I said earlier scare you. As long as you are cautious, you will be ok. There are a lot of children who come here with their parents too. Aside from the actual racing, there are a lot of vendors here that you can visit. A lot of companies come out and sell souvenirs also. Of course like any other event with a lot of people there are vendors here who have nothing to with NHRA or cars altogether too.

NHRA 2019-Las Vegas-Speedway-Dodge-Mopar-Ford (1)

There are plenty of food choices too. Tasty food. The last even we went to (Blancpain) wasn’t as big, so our only food options were the stands native to the speedway, and honestly the food was not that great. Overpriced too. With these food vendors here, you will definitely find some good food.

NHRA 2019-Las Vegas-Speedway-Dodge-Mopar-Ford (2)

You like cars? Speed? Racing? You have to check out NHRA! So far out of the few events I tried at the Las Vegas Speedway, this one seems to be the best. Lots of people, vendors, lots of cars, lots of racing, lots of good food! Just remember, ear plugs and ear muffs. Also, if you are sensitive to smells, the smell of different gases my get to you after a while. Enjoy!