NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round (01/05/2019 – 01/06/2019)

wild card round-nfl 2018

Playoffs are here, and the final 12 are ready to go! The Wild Card round is this weekend, and the match ups are looking really close. The only match up this weekend that shows almost a whole TD spread is Philly VS Chicago. At the time of this post, some books are giving the Chicago Bears -6.5 Points!

wild card round-nfl 2018

Regardless, all 4 games this weekend are going to be really good games. I am especially excited about the Seahawks VS Cowboys. Dak and Zeke have had a awesome season again this year, however Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are not going to be a easy opponent, even in Dallas.

Playoff seeding is nothing new, but this year there seems to be a big gap in the teams to play in the next round. Regardless of who wins who this weekend, the week after in the Divisional round, they have to go against the Chiefs, Patriots, Saints, or Rams. Yikes!

divisional round-nfl 2018

As much as I think Tom Brady is a GREAT athlete, and of course Bill Belichick’s coaching skills are proven, I don’t really want to see the Patriots in another Super Bowl this year. The Chiefs have record breaking QB Patrick Mahomes, although they lost Hunt because of outside issues. Todd Gurley and the Rams are still red hot. And of course the Saints have a super stacked team this year too with Kamara, Thomas, Ingram, and Brees.

super bowl odds 2018

Of course a lot has changed since the odds above were posted on 12/18/18, and of course even more since opening day. Lets see how this weekend goes to get a clearer picture of whats coming up.

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