NFL Playoffs Divisional Round (01/12/2019 – 01/13/2019)

divisional round-nfl 2018 (2)
divisional round-nfl 2018 (2)

Somehow Codey Parkey managed to hit to goal post again…..with the game on the line. Ok, to be fair, he did make the first one, but a time-out was called. The Bears did really good this year too.

How about them Cowboys? What a tough loss for Seattle, and Pete Carroll’s play calling……

I think everyone knew the the Colts and Chargers will advance…..

Next weekend is going to be a good one for NFL fans……tough week for bettors though. I will continue to update this posting.

“No one expected us to be here,” tight end Zach Ertz said following the game. “We’re playing with house money.”

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