July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind

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Mackerel – Seared – Easy delicious dinner!

Today I will show you a quick, easy way to cook mackerel ( Or pretty much any type of fish ) easily, and tastes good too! I normally get the mackerel that is already filleted, and slightly salted.

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Once you remove the fillets from their packaging, make about 5 slits on each fillet, and then evenly brush some Olive Oil on both sides of the fillets.

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After this step, place your fillets into your preheated oven (420 degrees F) and let them cook for about 25 minutes. Flip them once halfway through. Depending on the size of your fillets, you may need to cook them a few minutes more or less than 25 minutes.

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And now for the fun part, and the small step that will make your mackerel taste better than other peoples. I splash a little bit of lemon on top of them, and then sear them slightly. I don’t add any salt since they are pre-salted. When I have lemons at home, I will use a real lemon. When I don’t have any lemons handy, I used lemon juice. Here is a short video below to show you how I sear the fillets. Do not over do it with the searing.

Depending on how you normally eat your meals, you can set your dinner differently. Koreans normally pair fish with some white rice and a soup of some sort. Dinner is served!

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