Lazy Bear Lodge – Lake Arrowhead

I was lucky enough to go to the lazy bear lodge in Lake Arrowhead with my family recently.  As a family of a airbnb superhost, this was by far the best airbnb that we have been to ourselves.  The detail that went in to this cabin was just awesome!  It also helped that the previous guests enjoyed the cabin as much as we did, and took care of the cabin so that the next guests will enjoy their stay.

Honestly, I didn’t like the drive too much.   Especially as we got higher up the mountains, the roads were something else, and to top it off the navigation in both of our cars (BMW 535, and Lexus ES350) didnt want to work properly once we got close.  Once we found the cabin, the parking was a little tight for 2 cars, but we were able to fit.  Once I opened the door and went inside, I completely forgot how bad the drive was, and my stress level dropped to 0.  This cabin was just amazing!

Parking for 2 cars (BMW 535i, Lexus ES350) was a little tight, but doable.


As soon as you walk in, there is a bedroom on the left kitchen and restroom on the right, and laundry downstairs.  This picture is the living room.  Walk out the sliding doors, and there is a awesome patio with bbq.  There is another sleeping area upstairs with a bunk bed and tv.



The dining table can be extended to seat more people if needed.



The living room, and other areas were equipped with smart tv’s, and cable.


The gas powered fireplace was remote controlled, and heated up the cabin pretty well.



Call me crazy, but bbq tastes much better here, than it does when you are in the city.  The outdoor patio also has some nice lights that come on automatically by timer.



The bed in the downstairs bedroom



The bunk bed on the second floor






Almost all Korean gatherings will have a game of Go Stop going at one point or another.  A traditional korean game.


I cannot emphasize enough, that pictures do not do this cabin justice.  Add a awesome super host to the mix, and you have a vacation / getaway that you cant beat.  Ryan, the host was super cool about check-in and check-out times too.   The cabin is very close to lake arrowhead village.  I really cant wait to go to the Lazy Bear Lodge again!


The link above should take you to the Lazy Bear Lodge airbnb page.



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