July 1, 2020


Peace of Mind

le reve - wynn - las vegas (9)

Las Vegas Shows – Cirque Du Soleil – The Strip

The first time I saw a Las Vegas show, I was nearly forced to watch it. I was young, didn’t want to sit for 2 hours at a “Show”, and I really didn’t want to spend $150 something dollars doing so. Boy was I wrong! The first show I got to watch was “O” at Bellagio, and I enjoyed every second of it. I think I had more fun than the friends that forced me to go with them. From then on, it broadened my list of things to do while in Las Vegas.

le reve - wynn - las vegas (9)

“O” and Le Reve, which are probably 2 of the best shows in Las Vegas are both water based shows. “O” which is performed at Bellagio, and Le Reve, which is performed at the Wynn, have a different feel to them, and I definitely recommend watching both shows. I personally like the acrobatics, story line, and the overall performance of “O” much better, however some disagree with me and like Le Reve better.


Michael Jackson’s One is a must see show for everyone. Michael Jackson is always being talked about for other reasons, especially these days after he got blasted on HBO. I don’t care what anybody says, he is one of the greatest performers of all time. Some people have even made an uproar about cancelling this show, so you should really watch this show when you can. The choreography with Michael’s greatest hits, and the story line make this show a must see show!

KA which is performed at MGM is a Fire based show. KA is a little different from the other shows that I have mentioned. To be honest, there are some “slow” moments in this show. However the intense parts of this show make up for it. Some have even chosen this one as the greatest show in Las Vegas. As I have mentioned earlier, to me “O” is the greatest show in Las Vegas, but everyone has their preferences.

Zumanity-New York-Las Vegas (9)

Zumanity…..what can I say about this one……it is definitely worth watching at least once…..however I wouldn’t watch it with parents, or siblings, family etc. There is nudity in the show, so you must be 18 or older to watch this show. This show is not perverted, or pornographic, it is an Adult show. This show is performed at New York New York.

bellagio-fountains-las vegas

There are many more shows in Las Vegas that I haven’t mentioned on this post, and of course I’m sure there are some shows that I haven’t watched yet that I should have. There are also a lot free attractions that you must watch at least once, like the Mirage Volcano, Circus Circus acrobats, and of course the Bellagio Fountain Show. The Bellagio fountain show is completely different when watching it in person, and must be experienced at least once. You can actually control the fountains for a whopping $250,000. Bellagio spends around $400,000 a month on displaying this for everyone. Not too long ago, Bellagio had a special Game of Thrones themed fountain show for the kick off of GOT season 8. We had to go several times because it was so crowded, and because of weather conditions. There is a clip below, however our clip is a side view, which doesn’t show the cool LED effects.