July 1, 2020


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las vegas ballpark-aviators-summerlin (4)

Las Vegas Ballpark – Aviators

las vegas ballpark-aviators-summerlin (4)

We got a chance to visit the new Las Vegas Ballpark today. Let me start off by saying this is one of the nicest stadiums I have been to. New home of the Las Vegas Aviators, who is the minor league team for the Oakland A’s. The location is in the heart of Summerlin, right next to the Red Rock Casino, and the Golden Knights practice facility.

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For starters security was on point! It may be a hassle for some, but the way things have been going around the globe, I like the tight security. Metal detectors, and bag checks gave me sense of security. The bad thing about security this tight? They found my energy bar and made me throw it away. No outside food or drinks allowed.

las vegas ballpark-aviators-summerlin (18)

There are bars and food stands everywhere, so you don’t have to wait in lines for too long. The last aviators game I went to (The 51’s) had horrible traffic getting in, horrible lines for food, and I remember getting seated after the second inning, although we arrive early. I don’t see that issue here at the new Las Vegas Ballpark, even with the sold out crowds.

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There is even a pool area by left field that you can rent out! I wasn’t able to get too much detail on this area yet. I was told that you can rent this area for up to 58 people, or of course for yourself if you can afford to. It is right behind left field.

las vegas ballpark-aviators-summerlin (21)

We were fortunate enough to get the Aviators sunglasses giveaway at the entrance. The ticket prices are good, the food is good, the park is really nice, and now for the downside of this experience. Yes you guessed it. The Vegas Heat. Our seats had no shade at all, so we were boiling in desert sun before the game even started. It’s April now, and the heat was a little shy of 90 degrees, which was still too much. I really wonder how people are going to watch the games in 100+ degree weather. The next time we come here, we are definitely going to get seats that are under a shade. Other than the heat, awesome park! I can’t wait for Las Vegas to get a MLB team!

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