Lake Las Vegas – Henderson, NV – Getaway and Residence

Lake Las Vegas, what a beautiful community within the Henderson area.  Not only do people come here for a getaway or vacation, the residential areas are growing bigger and bigger.  Houses are being built daily, and Lake Las Vegas has a fire department, hospitals, and schools within reach.


As soon as you turn into the entrance for Lake Las Vegas, you are greeted by a beautiful road with a waterfall, tennis courts, golf course, and houses.  Drive a little more, and you will see the the community area, where they have a small market, restaurant, hotels, and the lake.

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The artificial lake is around 320 acres, and the developed area around the lake is a little less than 3600 acres.  Once you get to this area, there are a few hotels that visitors can access, and a few Condos as well.  Aside from the yacht, restaurants, and bars by the lake, they event have concert events and water sports.

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On top of all this, Lake Las Vegas has hiking trails, biking trails, golf club, and a athletic club.  The houses are beautiful too.  A lot of the houses you can see while you drive by, but there are gated communities within Lake Las Vegas also.  Some of these awesome houses can be purchased for around $300k, but also there are custom lots and lake front properties that go for high 7 figures.  Celine Dion has a residence here at Lake Las Vegas also.

lake-las-vegas-henderson (11) lake-las-vegas-henderson (10) lake-las-vegas-henderson (9) lake-las-vegas-henderson (8) lake-las-vegas-henderson (7)

I’m not sure if this is a plus or a minus for most residence and / or visitors. however Lake Las Vegas doesn’t have a Casino anymore.  There used to be, and the building is still there with a big sign that says “Casino” on it, however it is not in operation.  This is due to some disagreements between casino operators and developers, so the building is there, and events are held there, just no gaming.  The walkway there is nice regardless with shops, bars, and restaurants.

lake-las-vegas-henderson (13)

Lake Las Vegas has actually gone through some changes since development.  Unexpected circumstances brought on lawsuits and bankruptcy.  The Hilton that opened in 2013 was actually a Ritz- Carlton that closed down.  Nonetheless, I really enjoy coming here and hope to maybe move here one day, possible around retirement age?  If I don’t move overseas, Lake Las Vegas is definitely a place I will consider moving to around retirement age.  I definitely recommend trying Lake Las Vegas as a vacation or getaway spot too.  Although Lake Las Vegas is only 12 miles from my house, it definitely feels like I’m in a remote area, and can easily switch in to vacation mode.  I really hope to see this area develop further.

lake-las-vegas-henderson (15) lake-las-vegas-henderson (16)



In order to respect the privacy of the people who live at Lake Las Vegas, I didn’t get to close to the houses when taking pictures, or even try to go inside the gated areas.  However I feel that my pictures don’t really show how nice the houses really are here, so I got some close-up pictures from below.

lake-las-vegas-henderson (19) lake-las-vegas-henderson (18) lake-las-vegas-henderson (17)


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