July 14, 2020


Peace of Mind

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Jimmy Kimmel – Live at the Zappos Theater – Celine Dion – Chris Tucker – Planet Hollywood

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On April 5th, we were given tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show at the Zappo’s Theater in Las Vegas by Caesar’s Total Rewards. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Jimmy Kimmel show so I was super excited to go here. It seems like yesterday me and my friend were looking up Guillermo clips on Youtube and laughing for hours.

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Caesar’s made it a breeze for us to pickup our tickets and get in to the Zappo’s Theater without having to get in the long line for regular guests. Our seats were really good, and everybody who came to watch that day was really into the show, which made it even more fun.

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What made it more exciting for me than the fact that we were going to see Kimmel and Guillermo? I was able to find out after some research that the guest that night was none other than Las Vegas’ Celine Dion. And to top that, we found out the day of the show that Chris Tucker is coming too!

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As with any live show, there was a LOT of interaction between the guests and the hosts. However, Jimmy and the other MC’s made it fun. They joke around with the guests, had a LOT of giveaways, and really made the people who came to watch the show appreciated.

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Aside from the experience aspect of it, let me just say that the show is 100x more fun live, than it is on TV. I actually watched the show again when we got home, and there is so much that is left out and cut on TV, as opposed to being there in person. Of course, that does not mean you will be able to catch every live show, however it is something that I recommend you at least try.

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They are VERY strict rules on not being able to take pictures or video of any of the live show. You are allowed to take pictures during commercial breaks, however the lighting and set is not as good when not live. Therefore I couldn’t really get any good pictures of Celine Dion, or Chris Tucker, or even Guillermo. Nonetheless, we still had a blast!

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