July 2, 2020


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Jean Georges Steakhouse | Aria | Las Vegas | Wagyu | Kobe

If I had to choose 1 restaurant in Las Vegas as the best restaurant, it would be Jean Georges Steakhouse inside Aria. I started eating here about 10 years ago, and still haven’t found a place that I like better than this one. Not once has this place disappointed me when it comes to taste or service. Not once has any of my guests disliked this place.

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Maybe its because I tried Wagyu for the first time here? Whenever I try Wagyu or good meat anywhere else, my mind automatically compares it to the steak here. What exactly is Wagyu? Wikipedia says – Wagyu is any of the four Japanese breeds of beef cattle. In several areas of Japan, wagyu beef is shipped carrying area names. Some examples are Matsusaka beef, Kobe beef, Yonezawa beef, Mishima beef, Ōmi beef, and Sanda beef.

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The picture above is actually American Wagyu Ribeye Cap. It comes with a sauce but the sauce is really unnecessary. The meat here tastes delicious just the way it is. It comes form Mishima Ranch in California, and it costs $75 for 8 ounces. Not too bad for a premium quality steak. This steak tastes just like what it is, Ribeye Cap. Juicy, slightly fatty, very good!

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Next up we have the New York Strip. USDA Prime from Colorado, costs $69 for a 14oz steak. The New York Strip has a more meatier taste which may be desirable for people who are used to the American backyard barbecue type of steak. Also tastes best without any sauce, or salt and pepper. The steaks here are super delicious just the way they are.

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This was the kicker of my last time here. The Scallops. Caramelized Scallops to be exact. When I first saw the plate I thought $50 for 4 scallops? As soon as I tasted one, my mind changed instantly. This was the best scallops that I ever had. I’ve had some good scallops before at Japanese restaurants and Sushi places, but this was something else. To the point that I think next time I come here, I may even order scallops instead of steak. Although I know that it won’t fill me up.

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Accompanied by asparagus, and a baked potato, this was just a perfect meal. This time I didn’t even get the famous A5 Certified Kobe Beef. A5 is probably the highest grade you can find in the U.S. It’s not for everyone though. Costs $65 per ounce. Yes, per ounce. You can order the A5 in 3oz, 6oz, or 9oz portions. That’s correct. $585 for a A5 Certified 9oz Steak. I’ve had A5 with some guests here years back, they couldn’t stop talking about it for years. I am glad it came back down $65. I’ve seen the price as high as $80 an ounce here.

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I love how they changed the design over the years too. It’s a lot classier than it used to be. Lot more in tone with the price and general image of this place. The first time I came here they had cow pictures on the wall. One guest that I brought here before from overseas like the steak here so much, they actually ordered another steak right away.

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Oh, I almost forgot. The complimentary bread here is amazing too! Super soft on the inside….slightly salted on top. It seems like the theme of today’s blog and this restaurant is no sauce, just the way it is. However the bread is the same way. Tastes perfect exactly the way it is. No butter, no nothing. Just the way it is is perfect.

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I don’t know if they did this intentionally, or if it was an accident, however when we got home we noticed that they didn’t charge us for the bottle of champagne that we ordered. Thank you for an awesome experience as usual Jean George’s! Bellagio’s Prime is also a Jean George steakhouse. Very good also, but I like coming to the at Aria.