Independence Day – 4th of July – Fireworks and Barbecues


Of course the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of 4th of July, would have to be fireworks.  The second thing? Barbecues!  It turns out 4th of July barbecues are actually a very old Southern Tradition.  “In the 1800’s, people actually gathered in a central location, formed a procession, and then led by the local militia, marched to a church or the county courthouse.  The ceremonies opened with a prayer followed by a reading of the Declaration of Independence, then the crowd would sing patriotic songs and a prominent member of the community would deliver a rousing oration on patriotic themes.  Finally, the citizens would retire to a shady grove where a barbecue feast awaited.” (

Barbecues are a form of art to some, and just another meal to others.  I love to host barbecues, but I am not a grill hog.  I love to let other people grill instead of me.  I am a huge fan of learning from other peoples method’s and recipes.  I also try a lot of barbecue tips and recipes I find online.  As someone who used to run restaurant, let me tell you something that may shock you.  Everyone’s taste buds are not the same.  Something that tastes really good to one person, may not be too good to another. Shocking huh =)

So today I will talk briefly about my experience with the grill and hosting a barbecue.  From my experience, the number one item when it comes to taste and popularity turns out to be a simple, dry rub baby back ribs.  Of all the barbecues I’ve hosted and been to, baby back ribs beat steaks, chicken, sausages, and bacon wrapped chicken breasts (Which are great appetizers for any barbecue).

Personally, ribs are my favorite too.  I have tried numerous recipes, and tasted other people’s ribs…..Barbecue sauce, orange juice or apple juice sprayed, brushed, spicy, brown sugar, you name it.  I must say though, I agree with the majority on this one.  You can’t go wrong with salt and pepper.

It really is a simple recipe too.  When I’m in Los Angeles, I prefer to go to Stater Bros. (Smith’s when I’m in Las Vegas).  Grab a knife, start at one end of your ribs and slide your knife under the membrane.  Pull up on the membrane, and normally you should be able to pull the membrane off completely until the other end.  Sprinkle some salt and pepper on your ribs, and pat it down a little.  Grill to your preference, and enjoy!

Couple tips – Charcoal grill, and start the ribs on top of some cooking foil with holes.  Depending on your preference, I like to sprinkle a little more salt in between flips.  Towards the end, remove the foil, and grill to your liking.



Once we start cutting the ribs, they are pretty much gone before they make it to a plate.  If you made extra, and there are any left overs, they taste great after being heated up the next day too.  Cheers!





Some steaks and Wild Venison.  Grilling t-bones are always good.  Wild venison it was my first time trying it.  I liked it, especially since my buddy grilled it so well for us.  I haven’t tasted venison that wasn’t cooked on a charcoal grill yet.


People that know me well, know that if there’s one thing I like as much as meat, it’s french fries =)



Happy 4th of July everyone

“America was not built on fear.  America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”  -Harry S Truman-

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