July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind

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Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

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Another restaurant that I highly recommend is Gyu-Kaku. Gyu-Kaku has changed quite a bit over the years. When I first tried Gyu-Kaku, it was more of a quiet restaurant. Now it is a little more hip, happening type of deal, with people hanging out at the bar. The 2 things that didn’t change over the years however, is the great prices and the awesome taste of the food here.

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We normally order the “Samurai”. The Samurai is a BBQ course that is for 4 people. Although it is recommended for 4, they serve enough food for 4 + some leftovers to take home. It is $130, and you will get 5410 calories of food!

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You get 4 starters, 11 BBQ items, and even some s’mores for desert. Coupled with a pitcher of Sapporo on tap, you have yourself a great meal! Of course for people who don’t eat that much, you can order A La Carte. For the customers who want to fill themselves with meat, they have an AYCE (All you can eat) option too.

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The grills here are awesome. You BBQ on the table, with their specially designed smokeless system. You can get that charcoal taste, without all of your clothes smelling like charcoal. The servers tell you how to cook each type of meat they bring you so that you don’t over cook them, and so that you know what you are eating.

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Although, Gyu-Kaku started in West L.A, there are more than 700 locations world wide now. There are 16 just in California alone, although Las Vegas only has 1. So if you are a meat-lover like myself, you should really give this place a try. It’s not your regular AYCE, fine dining, or Brazillian BBQ.