July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind


Egglettes! As seen on tv!

egglettes-as seen on tv (1)

Ok, when I first heard about this product, I thought to myself, Why would anyone need this? My buddy started telling me about this product after both of us started eating healthy and working out again. Boiled eggs are pretty important in a healthy diet. I just didn’t know it was hard for some people to boil an egg.

After seeing some of the ads and reviews on the internet about this product, I started to gain interest in it. Not so much for the regular boiled eggs, but for the fact that you can add other ingredients to make a small omelette type of deal. Of course I saw people adding bacon, cheese, vegetables, etc…..but for me, I wanted a simple egg and chopped green onion “Gae Ran JJim”. Simple, healthy and delicious! So far, I must say this is a great product to have around the house, especially when the whole set is only about $10 right now.

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These egglettes are pretty much silicone capsules, with a twisting lid on top. One very important step is to always add some oil to the inside of the egglettes so that your egg doesnt’t stick. It is recommended to use PAM or a similar spray oil, however I am not a big fan of PAM, so I just used olive oil and a brush. On 1 egglette, I just cracked an egg directly into the egglette. For my second egglette, I got a little bit of chopped green onions, beat some some eggs, and mixed them together before pouring it into the egglette.

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The egglettes have a fill line that should be perfect for a standard sized egg. Do not fill past the fill line. Secondly there is a small hole on the lid. Make sure that does not get covered, or the egglette can explode.

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Once you put the twist cap on, place them in boiling water. For me 10 minutes was good for the omelette, and 15 minutes was good for the hard boiled egg. After you eggs are cooked let them sit in cold water for about 4 minutes. And there you have it! Have fun experimenting with your egglettes! I will upload a small youtube clip below to show the final opening and cutting of my egglettes!

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The only advantage to using this product for hard boiled eggs is the fact that you don’t have to peel the shell, which can be a hassle when making multiple eggs. But making mini omelettes is well worth the purchase!