Dyson VS $50 Hoover VS $1600 Rainbow

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Ok, this post is long over due, however I wanted enough uses of my Dyson V8 before talking about it. Especially since I wasn’t too impressed with their air purifier. I will start off by saying I love my Dyson V8.

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I used a Rainbow vacuum pretty much my whole life. I never thought I would ever use any other vacuum because of how well the Rainbow works. We bought our 2nd one close to 20 years ago, for about $1600. It still works like it did the day we got it, and there was only minor maintenance done on our Rainbow….like new belt, roller, etc.

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The Rainbow came with a Power nozzle for carpets, and a regular duster for hardwood floor, and even carpet shampoo capabilities. Now the bad thing about the Rainbow, which also happens to be the good thing about rainbow, is the fact that you have to fill it with water. The water in the vacuum holds all the dust, which is the good part. The bad part is you have to empty the water after every use, and also clean the inside after every use. This can be a hassle for anyone who vacuums regularly.

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So that is why even with a $1600 vacuum by Rainbow, we ended up getting a $50 Hoover too. The Hoover works very well for a $50 vacuum, however just like most things, you get what you pay for. The best way I can explain it, I can vacuum my whole house with the Hoover, and then right away vacuum again with my Rainbow, there will be quite a bit of dust in the chamber. It’s also a little heavy, however I will say again that it’s a $50 Hoover which performs much much better than what you would expect for $50. There is a small dust filter and Hepa filter, but after cleaning as instructed, it started to give off a funny odor so I will have to order new ones.

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The Dyson V8 pretty much takes care of all the issues I had with my other vacuums. I really like the fact that I can hang it on the wall with the charging base. The Dyson V8 comes with a Direct Drive cleaner head for carpet, Soft Roller cleaner head for hardwood floors, a crevice tool, dusting brush, wall mount charging station, and a combination tool. The smaller tools come in really handy when vacuuming your car.

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The 2 Tier Radial™ cyclone technology on the Dyson V8 is just awesome. (115AW Suction Power). The V8 has what Dyson calls a Whole machine HEPA filter. All dust and allergens get captured in the filter. It really comes in handy for females, or people with pets who shed a lot. No cords to worry about, just grab your Dyson off of the docking station, vacuum the area needed, and you are good to go! After you are done vacuuming, one pull on a lever, and you can empty the canister very easily. As someone who vacuums more than normal, I can tell the Dyson is definitely doing its job by how much dust is captured in the canister. Especially living in the desert where all year long either the AC or the Heater is on, dust is everywhere.

So what is the bad thing about the Dyson V8? Of course there has to be a downside right? The only problem I have with the V8 is battery life. Our house is not big at all. 2 Bedroom, 1100 Sq Ft? By the time I vacuum both rooms, and the living room, the battery dies. I can’t even touch the kitchen or the dining are without charging the Dyson again. Hence, I do like half the house one day, and the other half the next day. I actually heard this same complaint from one of our friends with the Dyson V6. I heard that the battery life on the newer V10 is much better, however I haven’t tried the V10 yet, so I cannot say. Also I understand that a bigger bulkier battery would make the Dyson’s heavy. Even with the battery issue, I give the Dyson V8 a 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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