August 5, 2020

Peace of Mind

container-store-elfa (8)

Container Store – Elfa

container-store-elfa (8)

These Elfa racks from the Container Store are the best things ever for organizing. We have been buying these for year. We had these installed at our stores in LA too. If you hate clutter (Like I do) or you are short on space, this will solve your problems. Although we went with the basic setup this time, there are a lot of different color configurations, sizes, and different drawers / components your can add.

container-store-elfa (4)

The best part about these, all you have to do is mount the top track, which also comes in different sizes and colors. After that whatever components you choose easily snap on the rail and track!

container-store-elfa (5)
container-store-elfa (6)

I am so happy these finally got here. Because of the corona virus, it took over a month to get delivered this time. I had clutter that I had no where to place in both corners of my garage as you can see below.

container-store-elfa (3)
container-store-elfa (2)

And after I installed the Elfa rack, everything is organized again. Things we do not need to use right away, we left up top.

container-store-elfa (10)

Clean and simple. No more clutter. You can go to and see how other people have their setups. What I have here is the basic basic setup. This size and color combo will run about $200? We had a coupon code so we got ours for about $150 shipped. Some people go all out with these and even re-do their closets as pictured below!