August 6, 2020

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buying-a-pool-table (13)

buying-a-pool-table (13)

Buying a Pool Table

buying-a-pool-table (13)

We finally got our pool table setup and I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you so that it can help you if you are thinking about buying a table too. For starters, it took quite a while to find the right table, right installer, at the right price. I was actually coming close to settling for a wooden table, boy am I glad that I didn’t. I will say again, slate is the way to go. Wood does NOT have the same feel or movement, and it will warp after a while. We went with a standard 8 Foot, 3 piece slate table.

buying-a-pool-table (14)

After months of looking for the right table, I came across a person who was selling a table, who also happened to be a installer. So after me and Pauly from Perfect 10 Billiards came to an agreement, we were good to go!

buying-a-pool-table (15)

If you have never purchased a pool table before, this process is a form of Art. The 3 pieces of slate have to be evenly put on the frame, connected evenly, and then the felt has to installed, along with the bumpers, pockets……all in all it is a good 3 hour process with 3 people. Oh yeah, after all this, they have to make sure the table is perfectly level.

buying-a-pool-table (17)

Pauly also let me choose the color I wanted for the Felt, so I went with red. When these guys first showed up I wasn’t too happy because they came later than promised. Once they started working and I saw how detailed and thorough these guys are, I was glad I waited. They were very respectful, funny, and again knew exactly what they were doing.

buying-a-pool-table (8)

I was a little worried about fitment in a 1 car garage, but they explained the clearance I needed and helped me position the table so that we will have enough space for playing, and everything else in my garage too. Although it was late, they made sure I was happy with everything and explained the proper care I need to enjoy this table for a long time.

As soon as the installation was finished we were good to go! Long before we bought our table, we had our Mcdermott and Cuetec cues that we use. Pauly also gave us some “not bad” bar cues, cue rack, and a cleaning brush. The only issue was the pool balls and no triangle. This was not a big issue, I was able to find some decent pool balls and a triangle on Amazon for about $50?

It’s been about a month now and we are super happy with our purchase and the install. The felt is a little loose by the pockets, but its not a surprise with the Vegas heat. I will probably re adhere some of the bottom areas once the heat blows over. If and when we move from this place I will definitely call Pauly again for the table move. Thanks again!

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