July 1, 2020


Peace of Mind

BMW Key Fob Battery Replacement – Quick tip for BMW Owners

Coincidentally, both of my BMW Key FOB Batteries died today.  Luckily it wasn’t hard to replace the batteries.  All I needed was a small flat head screw driver, and a new 3V CR2450 Battery.  This battery is fairly easy to find at most stores.  Even grocery store battery sections.

bmw-key fob-battery




I made a quick 30 second video below.  This video should be more than enough explanation for anyone to replace their battery.



Depending on the model of your car, the process and the battery size may be slightly different, but should be similar.  My key is for a 2013 BMW 535i.  On my older 530i, I remember the key used to self charge when inserted into my ignition slot, however since the newer BMW’s are keyless start, it makes sense to have to replace the battery every once in a while.



bmw-key fob-battery



So if you see a replace battery sign on your dash, or on your Heads up Display, don’t panic.  Not only is it a easy fix, the warning signs will come on for quite a while before your Key FOB will actually stop working.

Another quick tip – Im sure most people know this, but I have seen BMW owners who don’t.  If you double press the unlock button on your key FOB, and hold it down, all your windows and your sunroof will open.  Unfortunately you cannot close the windows with your key fob, however if you insert your key into the door lock, and turn left twice and hold, it will close your windows.  =)