August 6, 2020

Peace of Mind


BMW F10 535i Coding – Bimmertech – DVDinMotion – Sport Displays

A lot of people ask me about my “Watching movies and music videos” while I drive.  I’ve actually been doing this for quite a while now, even in my other cars, so I’ve gotten used to having this feature in my vehicles.  Of course it’s meant for the “Passenger” and not the driver, and can be a safety hazard, so please make sure you are aware of your surroundings.

Being able to watch video in your car has come a really long way. I remember the first time I wanted this feature in my car, I actually had to replace the whole head unit.  It was a fold out unit from Pioneer, I think it was the 7000 back in 1999 or 2000?  It was a single DIN unit, that was actually just a cd player with a fold out monitor.  I had to buy another separate unit to play dvd’s, separate module for Navigation, nor was there any bluetooth at the time.  With a converter to hook up my game console, I think Playstation 2 at the time, everything came out to a little more than $2000.  That is not including the Amps and Subs which was a mandatory thing to have at that time.  There was a time when almost all the imports had a Sub, exhaust, intake, lowered, carbon fiber hood, wing, etc….

Using your existing nav screen to watch movies have been around for a long time actually.  However, it required a separate module, that would actually “tap” in to your screen, which required a separate unit to run your DVD, or connect your phone/media player, and the quality wasn’t as good as it should be.

With DVDinmotion which is available for a lot of different car brands, and Coding for BMW, not only is the video quality superb HD quality, you run you files or DVD from your existing menus and controls.  Being able to watch DVD’s in your vehicle is a feature that is already there in most newer BMW’s, however your vehicle is programmed to turn the visuals off once the car starts moving.  That’s where DVD in motion comes in, and enables video while the car is in motion.

I got my coding done through Bimmertech.  With a little bit of research, and the right equipment, you can do this your self.  I chose to go the easy route, and pay Bimmertech for my services.  I ordered the DVDinMotion, USB video play (Which allows you to run video files off of your USB Stick), and Sport Displays….which shows your Horsepower and your Torque while you are driving on your Nav Screen.

From their website, I chose the features I wanted, payed a little over a $100, and I believe that same night, or the next morning, they emailed me a install file.  I copied the file to a USB stick, followed their instructions on how to install the file to my vehicle, and Voila!  That was it!  Easy Peasy.

Once, after taking my car in to BMW for service, I think they upgraded the firmware on my nav unit and I lost all my coding from Bimmertech.  No need to panic though, I just ran the USB file again, and back to the way I like.


*Quick Note – While one of my really close friends was in town shopping for a car, I took him around in my car and he wanted this feature too.  He ended up buying a BMW M4, even bought the same kind of USB stick as me, and went online and ordered the same features (Of course without sport displays, which is standard on the M’s), and what happens?  Bimmertech emails back saying that they don’t do this anymore.  We were really bummed out, because now we had to find someone to code the car for us, or even do it ourselves, which will take some time.  Luckily, a few months later, I got a email form Bimmertech saying that they started doing the services again.  I forwarded the email to my buddy.  I hope he got it done.