Barrett Jackson Car Auction – $250,000 Grant a Gift Autism Foundation donation

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On September 29th, We got the opportunity to go to the Barrett Jackson collector car Auction that was being held at Mandalay Bay.  Aside from being able to see hundreds of awesome cars from imports, to luxury, to muscle cars, specialty vehicles etc, this year Barrett Jackson auctioned off a special “Vegas Born” Mustang, for $250,000…..which went to the Grant a Gift Autism foundation as a donation.


I had to privilege of seeing this vehicle during the finishing stages before the actual auction.

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Since it is for a good cause, I knew the custom GK500 will sell for more than it’s actual value, but it was awesome hearing that the bid went up to $250,000!

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Mr. Jerry Smith, from Georgia, was the winning bidder and donated $250,000 to Grant a Gift Autism Foundation.


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If you are ever in the Las Vegas area, and a Barrett Jackson car auction is going on, you should definitely give it a try.  Even if you are not in the market to purchase a vehicle or two, it is fun to watch the auction and the beautiful cars themselves.  Everyone has a different taste in cars that they like….below are some pictures of the ones that grabbed my attention.  =)


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