July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind


Apple Cider Vinegar – Does it really help you?

I have a habit of doing this because I used to be a business owner….or maybe just because I’ve seen how far wrong information can go, especially when you have someone’s trust, so again I will start with a small disclaimer.  I am not a doctor, or scientist, so I cannot break down everything that is contained in apple cider vinegar, and what it does to you, however I a can share my experience with you =)

A few years ago, I think around 2012 or so, my agent for Guardian life insurance was talking to me about this and that after we were finished with paperwork.  He started telling me that he and his family members never get sick, not even a common cold.  And then he told me that they have been taking a “shot” of apple cider vinegar every morning for years.  He recommended that I try it too, and I started thinking in my head, a shot of vinegar can’t be harder to drink than a shot of tequila can it?  (Yes, it can)

So after doing a little bit of research, and seeing all the good things people say about apple cider vinegar, I went and bought some and started making everyone at my office drink it with me.  I still don’t understand how we was able to take a shot of this stuff.  Me and all my employees had to mix it with water, and even then, the smell took a while to get used to.


I’ll be honest, initially I didn’t really know if it was doing any good, but continued to drink it every morning just to see how it goes.  Fast forward to now, I don’t drink it every morning like I used to however I drink it whenever my acid reflux gets bad (I have GERD).  When my acid reflux gets really bad, I actually have a hard time breathing…and I have trouble taking a deep breath.  It feels like my chest is already full of air, and when trying to take a deep breath, my body stops in the middle of it.  Although I take prescription Omeprazole daily, on some days I still have this problem.  I still haven’t figured out what triggers this, probably food, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint which foods it is.  When I am on the road, I have no choice but to eat some Tums, or Pepto Bismol (I carry both, along with a few other OTC’s everywhere I go now).  However when I am at home I drink a cup of water mixed with 1 spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, and it does the trick.  I have read that some people take baking soda, but that didn’t really work for me.

For thousands of years, Vinegar has been used and known to kill harmful bacteria, and prevent them from multiplying.  Several animal studies have also shown that vinegar can reduce blood triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure. This could lead to a reduced risk of developing heart disease.  If you google Apple Cider Vinegar, you will see some wild claims making it seem like Apple Cider Vinegar is a miracle drink.  Unfortunately, most of these claims are not actually proven, and can vary from person to person.  One thing I can tell you from personal experience though, definitely give it a try if you suffer from GERD or acid reflux, because I have a really bad case of GERD, and it helps neutralize the acid content, helps me breathe when acid is bad, and it helps with my digestion too.  For people who don’t suffer from GERD or acid reflux, I would recommend trying it anyway.  As long as you don’t go overboard with the Apple Cider Vinegar, it’s healthy for you, and it really can’t do you any harm.  Recommended amount is no more that 2 spoons a day.  You should try mixing it in food, or working your way up to 2 spoons.  D.I


Coincidentally, I was starting to have heartburn and breathing issues again from the acid when I started to write this post.  I drank a cup of water with 1 spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Before I was halfway through writing this post, completely gone.  And I’m hungry again, just in time for dinner =)