July 2, 2020


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8 Ounce Korean Steak House – Las Vegas

To be honest, we stumbled upon this place on accident, but boy are glad that we did. Originally we brought our guests to this Hot Pot place that they wanted to try, however the place had about an hour wait, and we were starving. To top it off the guests were hungover from the night before and needed some food right away.

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While we were outside, upset that the wait time was so long, something started to tickled our nose from next door, so we took a peek inside. As soon as we walked in, all 4 of us looked at each other and said lets eat here. Very important part of going to a restaurant, the person who greeted us was really nice. I realized later that he is either the owner or part owner, but regardless he made us feel welcome there right away. Super important for a restaurant to be successful.

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Of course when people come to Vegas, they don’t want to be sober so we started of with some soju for breakfast. I think its been more than 10 years since I’ve done that. But then again, not a lot of people eat meat for breakfast either.

8 ounce korean steak house-las vegas (27)

I am in no way trying to put the other Korean restaurants in Las Vegas down, however I think this is the first Korean restaurant that I found that I really like in Las Vegas. Probably the only Korean restaurant I have been to out here that compares to the restaurants out in L.A.

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To top it off, the price is really good here too. Especially for the quality of meat that you get. We ordered the large combo which I think was about $120? However this came with a good variety of meat, and it filled us up pretty well (4 adults). We actually thought we would have to order more meat after the combo. We did order some soup too.

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Whenever I post about a restaurant on my blog, they will have similar results. As someone who used to run multiple businesses, I really don’t like to post bad reviews. When I DO post about a restaurant, that means they had the top 3 qualities that I talk about in all of my restaurant postings. Service, value, and of course taste. This place has all 3. They actually excel above others when it comes to service. The owner came to our table quite a bit to talk to us, ask us questions, and even tell us about himself. But also he wasn’t annoying or disturbing either. Even the other workers were that way. I don’t think that was from training, but from just watching how their leader is. Good meat, good pricing, and great service!

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