July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind

8 Noodle Bar @ Red Rock – The go to place for your noodle craving!

When I am in L.A, and I have a food craving I know exactly where to go to fill that craving. When I am in Las Vegas, most foods I like are available within reach, however there are some foods that just won’t fill that craving.

We stumbled upon 8 Noodle Bar while we were visiting the Red Rock Casino and Resort. We decided to walk in and try some of their foods. Ever since that day we come here regularly, whether it is just us or when family/ friends are in town.

We normally get noodles and fried rice. However this time a lady at the table next to us was eating the Duck Bao Bun and it looked so good, so we decided to try it too. Yes, it was DELICIOUS!

You can order Pho, Ramen, or other types of noodles. Honestly I have tried almost everything here, and they were all good. The service is always good and the prices are not bad either. The place is not huge though, so most of the times you do go here, there may be a small wait.

They didn’t have this before, but it looks like they sell Boba now too. I wonder why they only have a 8 noodle bar inside Red Rock, and not in any other locations. I know it may not make sense to open one on the strip, but maybe somewhere around Henderson closer to me?

It’s not like I mind going to the Red Rock Casino. It actually is a really nice place. I just wish there was a closer one to the Henderson area. So if you are in the Las Vegas area and you are craving noodles, don’t bother looking online or on yelp for a good noodle place. This place will not disappoint you. Now I might even go here to eat the Duck Bao Bun and Fried Rice, and possible not even get noodles at all =)