July 2, 2020


Peace of Mind

1000 Pound Club – Bench Press, Squat, Dead lift totals more than 1000 Pounds

Today I helped my buddy Ezzy Rajabi document his entry into the 1000 pound club. The 1000 pound club is literally what it says. Your total weight of your Bench Press + Squat + Dead lift coming out to 1000 or more pounds. It doesn’t have to be an equal 333 pounds each, it can be what ever variation you choose, however all 3 must be done in the same day. You can watch the video below to see what it is like!

I was never really into fitness and health, however with age, poor diet, pretty much just not taking care of myself, it caught up to me. Add that to my relocation to the Las Vegas desert where the weather is always extreme and dry, with the AC or heater on all year round, I started to get health problems. After numerous hospital visits and even several trips to the ER, I had to take matters into my own hands. I tried a lot of things to make myself better. One of the main things that helped me was getting myself to go to the gym 4 times a week with the help of my buddy Ezzy. He actually gave me a routine to follow. After about 2 months of following this routine, I already felt my body getting better. I will get into more detail with the routine on my next post!